Tracking donors

Tracking donations and exporting data.

You can easily follow the registrants from your dashboard in the "Donation" tab.

Select "My donations" on the left of the screen:

By choosing the relevant form, you will access the donors for a given campaign. You can then export the list in excel format. You can also filter the donations by date or by email address and export according to the filter used.

This allows you to import this list into the software of your choice.

Non-profits with a large volume of donors

If you have a large volume of donors, we advise you to connect Simplyk directly to your database or your favorite CRM.

Your donors can access all their receipts

Did you know that your donors can activate their Simplyk account to access their receipts? They just need to login at and set a password. By clicking

on "See my donations" they will have access to all their receipts.

Tracking Donor History

You can easily track donation history and better manage donors by clicking on their name. You will be redirected to the donor information page.

Donor information page

From this page you can track total amount contributed to your organization, the donor's preferred language and other information about their donations. You also have a list of all their receipts.

From this page, you can contact the donor and issue a tax receipt manually. The fields are pre-filled for quick receipt generation.

Contact list

You can quickly view your contact list in the Contact section of the dashboard. All your donors and ticket buyers appear in this section. You can view their history, send an email, generate a tax receipt and export the list.

Contact list

You also have the option to generate a magical link, customized for the donor. This includes pre-populated fields with the donor's information and suggested amounts tailored to the donor's preferences. The suggested amounts will be slightly higher than the donor's average donation.

To generate the magical link, click obtain and choose the donation form you want to use. The link will be generated for each of your contacts, and you can then export them to excel.

Chose from your donation forms to create the link.

To send the respective link to each contact, use your mailing system's personalization tags to insert the magical link specific to each donor. Learn more about using personalization tags in our blog post.