Bank account connection with Simplyk
Connect your bank account to Simplyk with Stripe
Simplyk is partnered with Stripe, a global leader in online transactions. By using Simplyk, you can connect your bank with Stripe. This allows you to track your payments, manage deposit frequency, and analyze your data.

Connect your bank

Go to your Simplyk dashboard, and click on the "Bank" tab and on "Configure Bank Data". We have also provided a video on this page that demonstrates how you can connect to Stripe.
Once you click on "Configure Bank Data", you will be guided to connect your bank to your Simplyk account. At the end, you will be able to access a Stripe dashboard to track your payments.
Stripe is a powerful tool for tracking your payments, configuring your deposits and analyzing your data.

In Stripe, follow payments

The "Payment" tab, at the top left, allows you to follow all entries. If a donor error occurs, you can find the transaction and pay it off easily.

Manage deposits on your account

In the left, go to the "parameters" tab and configure your deposits by clicking on "Settings". You can then decide to receive payment every day, every week, every month, or manually.
For security reasons, the money is deposited in your bank account after seven days at first and three days after a few months

Stripe is a powerful tool for tracking your campaigns

By going to your homepage, you can analyze your donation campaigns or the sale of your tickets and memberships.

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