Online Raffle

To create an online lottery, we will use Simplyk's ticketing. You can refresh how to set up a ticketing here:

Before you begin, make sure that your draw meets the rules issued by the Gaming Authority of your province. For more information, visit their respective websites or our blog post.

There are two ways to use Simplyk ticketing for your lottery. You can choose to only accept payments on our platform or you can also issue tickets.

If you are issuing tickets, make sure that they comply with the rules of your province. You can add a banner to the tickets to include the necessary required. The tickets are numbered and all tickets in an event are included in the same series of numbers.

Generate tickets and customize them by editing your ticketing.

If you want to add special rates for groups of tickets, you can do so with the group ticket option. In the example below, 5 tickets are generated for the purchase at this rate.

To draw the winner you can do it manually or with a number generator. Make sure that the draw process complies with the rules of your province.

See Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ponoka and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Fraser Valley for examples of raffles with Simplyk.

For more details on how to set up your draw, see our blog article.