Receipts for tax purposes

Receipts respecting the CRA format.

Simplyk automatically generates receipts

If you set up your receipts, each time a donation is made, the donor will receive a charity receipt by email. When creating a form, the option will be given to you.

How receipts work

With Simplyk, if you are organisation 456, then you'll generate the following receipts:

  • SIM-0456-0001

  • SIM-0456-0002

  • SIM-0456-0003

  • SIM-0456-0004

You can see all receipts you have issued on your dashboard to be compliant in the event of a CRA investigation.

The receipts you issue comply with the law and contain your signature. Simplyk keeps abreast of updates and new recommendations from the CRA.

Receipts for monthly donations

Donors receive a new receipt for each monthly payment. They also have access to an account to track all their receipts. Instructions for using this account are emailed for each transaction.

Cancelled or erroneous receipt

In case of error or cancellation, you can contact Simplyk at [email protected], and we will implement our receipt correction procedure.