Configuration of a donation form

Easily create a donation form.

General principle

Simplyk allows you to receive donations online without any transaction fees. 100% of the donation is given to you and a charity tax receipt can be issued automatically, if you choose to do so.

Personalization of the donation form

From your Simplyk dashboard, go to "Donations" and "New Form".

A standard form is automatically created when you create an account to save you a bit of time.

You will be able to configure your page entirely, its colour, the donation amount you recommend, the thank you message to the donors and many other aspects.

To personalize your form even further, you can add images to the description box. To do so, you'll need to create a link for your image. We recommend using the site to generate the link. Simply upload your image to the site and it will create a link. Then copy the link into the image field on your form's description.

Types of donations

Simplyk allows you to receive one-time, monthly, debit or credit donations, at no cost, in a secure manner.

Monthly donations and expiration

When a monthly donation expires, the donor receives an email to update their credit card. The donor can update their information by calling us at +1 (514) 447 9796.

Donation campaigns

You can create "Campaign" forms, with a specific goal and more content! You have to create a new donation form and choose "Launch a Campaign".