Getting Started with Simplyk

This step by step will get you started on Simplyk so you can quickly create your first donation form or event.

1. Create your account

First, take a few seconds to create your account here (if you haven't done it yet).

2. Create your first form

Depending on the first form you want to build, follow the step by step instructions below.

Donations forms and campaigns

3. Share the link or embed the form on your website

The event or donation form is now is accessible through its url. You can share it easily, and receive payments at no cost. You can follow the registrants from your dashboard easily.

4. Connect your bank account

Simplyk is partnered with Stripe, a global leader in online transactions. By using Simplyk, you can connect your bank with Stripe. This allows you to track your payments, manage deposit frequency, and analyze your data.

Go to your Simplyk dashboard, and click on the "Bank" tab and on "Configure Bank Data".

You will then be guided to connect your bank to your Simplyk account. At the end, you will be able to access a Stripe dashboard to track your payments.

Pro-tip : Have a blank cheque ready. It contains the information required to link your bank account.

For more advanced features, visit the rest of our documentation here.