Managing admissions the day of the event

In order to manage access to the event, you have two solutions:

  • Either you take care of everything and Simplyk does not generate a ticket. For example, you can print your list of participants and check the names at the entrance.

  • Either we generate tickets that buyers will receive by email. These tickets are provided with a QR code and details of the purchase. Guests can print them if they wish, or they can show them directly on their phone. You can scan them with a universal QR code reader

Recommended app to scan QR codes

Admission is done using QR codes on tickets that can be scanned. It is important to note that cell phones that scan must have internet access.

Simplyk recommends the application "QR Code Reader - Super Fast" for high efficiency at the entrance.

If a buyer buys multiple tickets, he will receive as much QR codes as there are tickets. Participants will then each be able to use a QR code at the entrance.

Activate the option "Automatically open the code detected" in the application for greater efficiency at the entrance!

Tickets already scanned before the event?

In the rare case where a buyer scans his ticket himself, you can see the date and time of the previous scans and deduce that it was not scanned at the entrance.

Image affichée par le lecteur QR

You also have access to the ticket list and scan dates in your Simplyk dashboard!