Setting up a ticket office

Simplyk allows organizations to sell tickets for their events at no cost.

To create your ticket office, go to your dashboard in the "Ticketing" tab.

Click on the green button "New Ticket form"

Select the type of ticketing form you would like to create from the five options.

Note that in the configuration you can ask questions to the buyer (the phone number) or to each participant (choice of meal).

In the same way as for donations, you can accept all types of cards without transaction fees

You can easily emit a receipt for tax purposes for the full or partial amount of the transaction. The receipt will be sent automatically by email to the participant.

Customize the display and questions

You can customize the tickets and questions you ask the buyer and participants. The layout is also You can customizable, as you can see in the image below.

To sell memberships, simply create a ticket with an indefinite date.

Setting up charity receipts

You can easily issue receipts on the partial or total amount of the transaction. This receipt will be issued immediately and emailed to the buyer.

To offer to add a donation after ticket purchase, simply name a "$ 5 Gift" ticket and buyers will be able to add donations. This will generate receipts on 100% of the value.

Add a donation option to your form

In the advanced parameters, add a donation option to your form. This will give your participants the opportunity to add an additional donation amount of their choice.

Share the event and sell your tickets

The event is accessible through its url. You can share it easily, and receive payments at no cost. You can follow the registrants from your dashboard easily.